Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, who became the youngest woman elected to Congress during the midterm elections on Tuesday, said that she cannot afford to rent an apartment in Washington DC, until her congressional salary kicks in.

In an interview published on Wednesday, Ocasio-Cortex told reporters that she’s not sure how she will be able to afford an apartment in Washington DC, without a salary for three months.

She said that the transition period from now until she starts her job “will be very unusual, because I can’t really take a salary.”

“I have three months without a salary before I’m a member of Congress. So, how do I get an apartment? Those things are very real”, she added.

The woman told the New York Times that she has some savings from her job earlier this year as a bartender at a Union Square Restaurant, and she’s hoping that it will hold her down until January. Living without a paycheck is something Alexandria said that she and her partner tried to plan for, but it’s a hardship that’s still very real.

“We’re kind of just dealing with the logistics of it day by day, but I’ve really been just kind of squirrelling away and then hoping that gets me to January,” she told the Times.

Nevertheless, Ocasio-Cortez is a New York activist and Democrat who will represent 14th Congressional District, which covers the Bronx and Queens. As such, both NBC Washington and Zumper concluded that she will be earning $174,000 a year, and will be able to at least rent a one-bedroom apartment in Washington D.C, which on average goes for about $2, 170 per month.

Alexandria pointed out on Thursday that her lack of income was a reason why some people are not able to work in politics. She said that she hopes she can change that.