“Westworld”: Trailer for the third season has arrived


The “Westworld” series is a great success for HBO. It takes time to develop the series, so there was no new season to see in 2019. But now at the San Diego Comic-Con a trailer for the third round has started. Looks promising! But only check it out if you’ve already seen the previous seasons!

Otherwise, thick spoilers are waiting – also in this article! I have warned you before you continue reading… So the androids have left the park and now mingle with the people. In addition you can also see new facets – apparently there was also a world around the Second World War in the park.

This time the “Breaking Bad” alumnus Aaron Paul is also part of the party. It will start with the third season of “Westworld” next year. I will definitely look in again, even though I found the second season much weaker than round 1.


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