The CEDIA 2018 Industry Awards has shown just how far voice-automated technology has gone, and how keen the media has been in its quest to follow up on this advancement.

For once, inventors are practically handing a human-friendly name to their voice technology gadgets, as was evident in a rather smart application that goes by the name “Josh”

Josh is an award-winning voice control system from Josh AL, which takes complex instructions like ‘set the air conditioner to 20’, ‘play classic jazz on Pandora’, ‘close the curtains’ and ‘dim the lights’, to create a relaxing atmosphere by commands of your choice.

Its primary competitors are Control4 and Savant, smart home automatic offerings that are like Amazon’s voice control suite- Alexa, on steroids.

But many others were willing to pitch their products to the front too, and bragged quite a lot about it, in as much that the media was more than happy to listen.

Among them was a West Hollywood-based architect name Dean Larkin of Dean Larkin designs. He told the media that “I believe voice activation is just in its infancy as we learn to interact with inanimate objects the same way we do with each other.”

Larkin served on a luxury meets technology panel at the 2018 CEDIA Expo for home technology in San Diego earlier this month.

“Keypads and smartphone control of security lighting, shades, entertainment, etc., is a standard in our homes today”, he notes.

He further lamented that on projects of 4,000 square feet and less, technology can total up to eight percent of the budget, thus, satisfying both younger clients who are looking for more ‘wow’ technology (integrating blinds, lighting and entertainment in one command), as well as older clients who just want something that’s simple and reliable.

Therefore, in order to create both the vow and simplified technology solutions and ensure that they are fully integrated into the home’s building systems, Larkin brings in a home technology consultant very early on in the planning stages of a project.

According to David VanWert of West Hollywood based in VanWert Technology designs, “Voice control has grown leaps and bounds in such a short time with companies such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home Play leading the pack.”

VanWert is one of Larkin’s consultants, and one of two technology guide touring a selected group of architectural and inferior designers through the CEDIA show floor.
He pointed out that these mass market leaders are opening the doors to the entire voice-controlled home automation category.

This publication understands that there are more advanced systems like Josh AI, which allows for natural speech control, multiple commands and proximity sensing to open the opportunity to these ‘whole house systems’ to be truly easy to use.
This is something that has not been easily obtainable with traditional home automation systems.

Reports say that VanWert’s projects spanned the entire world- inside and out.

Notwithstanding this, as most technology systems begin to interface with others, and voice commands become a core feature in future products, Josh will be able to update itself and interface with the ever-increasing connected devices coming into the market.