When South African tech-startup, Safeteria announced that it was launching a profile scanning App that has the capacity to sniff out fake social media profiles, some tech industry tech insiders scrambled to take it for a test run in an effort to determine whether it will have any public interest, or a shelf life in the App Store.

Three days later, the results were in, and are solid enough for the App developers to celebrate.

After all, in the views of those analysts, and considering the demand on social media for a reliable profile sniffing tool, the Safeteria App will become a must-have tool for social media users, and may thus already worth millions of dollars, even weeks before it is formally launched.

According to Stephen Moore, a seasoned tech business analyst who once analyze tech startups for Bloomberg, the mere concept of the App is already invaluable. He further reasoned that based upon his own independent review, he will give the App an 8 out of 10, since he thinks that it still has more room for improvement. And even if it had functioned at a scale of 5 out of 10, he thinks that social media users would have still warmly embraced it, since it is purportedly the only true App of its kind, and the only one with that sort of reliable profile sniffing capability.

“I think because of what it can do, it should be able to gain from a large volume of user referral, and may soon be able to build a cult-like must-have following like Facebook”, he said.

While there are no clear indications as to if the developer has any plans to monetize the App, Moore told the Washington Newsday that “It’s an awesome App. I think they will be able to profit from it quite easily, once they maintain the consistency and accuracy that I have seen during my preliminary tests. After all, users will definitely have a serious interest in the App”.

When launched, Safeteria will be the most influential social media tool to have ever been developed by a South African IT company.