PlayStation 4 – Update 6.72 to improve system performance


The firmware update 6.72 for the PlayStation 4 is available as of today. In the corresponding patch notes, the main focus is on increasing performance.

Sony has released a new system update for the PS4. Anyone who has expected world-shaking innovations or clearly explosive changes will unfortunately be disappointed.

Firmware 6.72

If you start your PlayStation 4 and connect it to the Internet, you will quickly start the automatic download of the new update. With a size of 463.9 MB, the update 6.72 clearly ranks among the larger downloads – but without any visible sprinklable effect.

The patch notes only contain the information that the new version should improve the system performance, new features are therefore not included. The new party feature, which will increase the number of participants to 16 in the future and improve audio quality and the network connection, is not yet introduced.

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