Otto Now: Mail order company wants to rent its own E-Scooter for a longer period of time


With its rental platform Otto Now, the mail order company now wants to use its own business model to compete with local providers of e-scooters such as Circ or Tier – according to Handelsblatt. And the fact that the idea is not just in its infancy can be seen from the fact that Otto wants to have the first fleet of its e-scooters on the road by the end of August this year.

Otto Now’s aim is not only to rent out its scooters for a short period of time, but also to enable customers to borrow them for longer periods and even take them with them to other locations. This is to prevent the Otto scooters, like those of the competition, from standing around wildly in the cities and thus partly blocking the footpaths.

Better still: For 39 euros a month, Otto Now users should be able to use the rented scooters throughout Germany and not just in a specific area.

“With our new mobility concept, we would like to offer an alternative to the previous e-scooter rental”, “This means that e-scooters are not only easy to use, but can also be used anywhere and at any time”. – Sören Nilsson, Co-Founder of Otto Now

But the competition does not sleep and takes notes diligently. So also animal should think already about a Abo-Modell and examine at present still whether the concept would be worthwhile itself at all for the enterprise. The longer the rental period, the lower the maintenance costs for the rented equipment, it is hoped at Otto. After all, the customer is much better looking after the device because he wants to be able to use it over the entire period. It remains to be seen whether the bill will really work out in the end.


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