One Piece – Two anime episodes with original story announced for One Piece Stampede


Before “One Piece Stampede” officially goes on air in Japanese cinemas on August 09, 2019, two anime episodes with original story fans will prepare for the events. The broadcast will take place soon.

The release of the latest film in the universe of One Piece is getting closer and closer and there are now quite a few fans who can hardly keep their feet still because of the excitement. In order to make the waiting time more pleasant (or more difficult, depending on how you look at it), two episodes will be aired soon, which are supposed to build a bridge from anime to film.

Two special episodes

In the current issue of the V-Jump magazine it was recently announced that the two episodes with the original story will be released on 28 July and 04 August to prepare viewers for the long-awaited film.

The episodes revolve around a confrontation between the straw hat pirates and a bounty hunter named Seedle and his guild. To escape from the dangerous man, Ruffy and his comrades consume all the prey Coke that their ship uses as fuel. In order to replenish the stock, they must go ashore at a nearby island.

One Piece Stampede

The new movie “One Piece Stampede” will be released officially on August 09th in Japanese cinemas. Eiichiro Oda, schpfer of the original manga and anime, was the creative consultant for the production.

In terms of content, the work is about a pirate expo that sends various gangs on a hunt for a treasure. When the straws learn that this year is a treasure of the legendary pirate Gol D. Roger, all members are on fire to claim the reward. But the competition is great and almost every famous pirate of the world’s oceans becomes their opponent.


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