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I have posted here in the blog in the past already several times film and series tips. Meanwhile, I’m running out of retro suggestions, so this time I’m going to approach the 2010s. After all, the year 2020 is already just around the corner. This tells me that I’m getting old, because the turn of the millennium still seems very close to me. But be that as it may, maybe Netflix has been wrong to fly through some of your current series under the radar.

As always, my tips are of course subjective and if you’re up for it, please post your own suggestions for the best 2010 series in the comments for me and other readers. I’d like to point out that I couldn’t add many of my favorite series to the list because Netflix simply doesn’t have them in his repertoire. Logically, I had to limit myself to what the streaming provider actually had to offer.

Without many, further words it should start then also. I hope for you the one in or other series is possibly with it!

Anyone who has been reading in the blog for some time knows that I not only consume anime now and then, but also American animation series are not averse. If you combine that with superheroes, then I’m demanding high quality, but I’m still thrilled again and again. Besides “Young Justice”, “The Spectacular Spider-Man” and “Wolverine and the X-Men” I also liked “Die Avengers: Die mächtigsten Helden der Welt” very much. The quasi-release “Avengers Assemble”, on the other hand, can be safely forgotten.

Like the best cartoon series, “The Avengers: The Most Powerful Heroes of the World” also offers enough plot and character moments to keep adult viewers in line and at the same time the necessary humor and coolness to pick up kiddies and teenagers. You can notice some inspiration from the Marvel Cinemativ Universe, but the series basically goes its own way. There are also guest appearances of other heroes like Spider-Man, Wolverine or even the Fantastic Four. Anyone who loves Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Co. is in good hands with this series.

In the first two seasons, “Sherlock” almost tore me from my seat: The duo of Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes is a stroke of luck, the cases are smart, the humor never too intrusive – in the seasons 1 and 2. Unfortunately they thought afterwards “Fuck it, now we just do what comes to our mind”, because otherwise the sudden drop in quality can hardly be explained. Seasons 3 and 4 can still be watched just because of the main actors, but the plot of the episodes drifts more and more into the realms of parody and the fun goes away.

That’s a shame, because per se “Sherlock” is a prime example of how you can modernize a classic character from literature. Maybe you’ll like the later seasons of the series better than I do, so be sure to check out the BBC production if you’ve missed it so far.

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First I thought about lifting “Sherlock” to position 3, because the first two seasons of the series float very clearly above “Suits” for me. However, the quality of the series dropped so rapidly afterwards as mentioned, while “Suits” remained very constant – so the decision was made in favor of the lawyer drama. “Suits” is a lot of fun, even though I found the admittedly optically extremely sweet Meghan Markle as Rachel quite exhausting. After just a few episodes, she slips into the clichéd role of the eternally whining female supporting role, which is a pointer to you.

Luckily, the saucoole Gabriel Macht as a clever star lawyer Harvey Specter easily balances this out. He chooses a protégé, which unfortunately brings problems with it: Mike Ross is highly gifted, but not a real lawyer. The clever duo hides this for as long as possible, but everyone can imagine that there will be some problems quickly. Over seven seasons available at Netflix, the series makes you constantly in a good mood and is never too good for a little humour, even away from the drama.

With horror I noticed that I didn’t push “Black Mirror” into the list of the best Netflix originals at that time. I suppose my train of thought was that the series wasn’t launched by Netflix, but is only continued there. Meanwhile I’m looking forward to every new season, because the episodes of the anthology series are mostly well done. Of course, besides highlights like “USS Callister”, “Striking Vipers” or “Die Waldo Kandidatur” there are also some fillers like “San Junipero” (Yes, a lame episode for me personally.).

Overall, however, “Black Mirror” plays at a very high level and is rightly one of Netflix’s own productions that generates the most attention. So if you’re looking for a socio-critical series with mostly pleasantly realistic sci-fi elements, you should definitely take a look… even though most of the readers have probably already done so anyway.

That’s how times change: More than two years ago “Young Justice” was still listed among the series I miss painfully at Netflix Germany. Meanwhile, the first two seasons of the animation series are available from the streaming provider. Only season 3 is missing, which is also quite fresh and exclusively available in the USA via DC Universe.

“Young Justice” tells the story of the superhero sidekicks Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy, Miss Martian and Co. who want to get out of the shadow of their mentors. What sounds like a funny kiddie series at first comes across as surprisingly grown-up. Basically, all the central characters undergo complex developments. Of course, “Young Justice” isn’t just a drama, but also offers a lot of action – which is excellently animated and staged. Especially since Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Co. regularly get involved and have more relevance for the plot than you might expect at first.

In the end, “Young Justice” is a more complex series than many live-action productions with superheroes. I claim the scripts here are three levels better than those of “Daredevil”, “Arrow” or “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”. It’s a shame that season 3 is still missing from Netflix. I hope that you can negotiate a deal with Warner, as soon as DC Universe has also added the second half of season 3 to their program.

5 The Avengers: The most powerful heroes in the world
4th Sherlock
3. suites
2nd Black Mirror
1. Young Justice


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