Nanoleaf: Smart lighting now has a desktop client


Through a thread at Reddit I became aware that Nanoleaf has now released a desktop app for Windows and macOS, but as beta. Nanoleaf offers smart light panels that can be controlled in different ways – time dependent, based on any trigger and there is also a module that reacts to sound and volume. I had tested Nanoleaf at the time – and the expandable system is of course chic, but also very expensive.

The desktop client is basically a simplified version of the mobile version (which, by the way, I find unbelievably bad) and runs as a local server. Via the browser you can connect your Nanoleaf solution and control it. I actually think that the target group here is quite small – the Nanoleaf will certainly be controlled via language assistants or mobile via the app. As an alternative, I’ll throw another client called Nanoloeaf for Desktop into the room, also for macOS and Windows – but Open Source.


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