Microsoft OneDrive for iOS: How the Fluent Design comes to the iPhone


Microsoft announced a long time ago that it would switch its office apps to the Fluent design. This also includes OneDrive. The iOS version of the new OneDrive app has now been introduced, but is not yet available in the App Store at the time of writing. But not only the design will be changed, also some functions are now easier to access or there are general improvements.

The search takes center stage in the new design, the large header ensures the native presentation of the app and the whole thing is in line with the design of the Outlook app. The file list has also been made clearer, with more contrast and a larger font.

The display of the most recently used files has been adapted so that it corresponds to that on the Web. This means that uploaded scans and last viewed PDF files are displayed at the top of the list.

The selection of files to send has also been simplified. The list of recently used files now displays email attachments, shared folders, and other frequently used files. Simply share a link to the appropriate files, taking into account any company guidelines for sharing links.

The annotation of PDF files is easier to understand in the new version, all tools are located in the bottom bar for quick access. Notes are also a bit purified, here you now get faster access to the color of individual notes, the clarity will thank it.

Last but not least the settings have been changed. For example, the settings for notifications have been combined. But also the camera upload can now be controlled more precisely.


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