Marvel’s Avengers – Gameplay-Material von der Comic-Con geleakt!


Apparently a visitor of this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego has broken the rules and published a seven minute video on YouTube showing fresh gameplay from the upcoming action adventure “Marvel’s Avengers”.

The Comic-Con is currently taking place in San Diego and some visitors will be given new insights into upcoming games, films and series behind closed doors. Among these games is also Marvel’s Avengers.

No official material

Normally, the scenes presented remain under lock and key and shouldn’t be published before official permission. One of the panel visitors apparently didn’t take this ban too seriously and filmed seven minutes of gameplay material for “Marvel’s Avengers” and published it on YouTube.

The action-packed combat sequences of Thor, Iron Man and Co. can be seen in a rather suboptimal camera perspective, after all the person in charge wasn’t just allowed to film and publish what he saw, but only in the context of gamescom 2019 at the end of August. So you better take a quick look before the forbidden material is being removed again:


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