Far Cry 5 – The Knig of the Lwen Rock in the game world replicated


Redditor Duncs is on the road as Mojo Swoptops on YouTube and recreates film sets in the world of “Far Cry 5”, among them the famous Knigsfelsen from the Disney film adaptation. The results are quite impressive.

Far Cry 5 apparently offers world producers some possibilities to recreate well-known film settings true to the original. Mojo Swoptops has used his remarkable skills to recreate the Knig Rock from Disney’s “Knig der Lwen” in the world of action adventure.

A skillful illusion

At first you might think that we are seeing excerpts from the current real movie Der Knig Lwen. However, the video embedded below shows that Mojo Swoptops himself created the setting in the Ubisoft title.

On Reddit, he describes the amsante difficulties involved in creating the setting in detail:

“I also tried to place eagles to make the animal world more varied, but they kept attacking my deer and flying away with them. It was a very entertaining surprise when I hit play, but not particularly family-friendly with the Lion King theme.”

The Knig of the Lwen, The Office and Toy Story

In addition to this, the set designer also devotes himself to other films, such as the Pixar classic “Toy Story”, the 1986 film “The Journey into the Labyrinth” and the comedy series “The Office”. The respective creation processes are all visible on his channel – and the results are really impressive.


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