Days Gone – New Challenge: Prove your skills in ambush camp rush!


The fourth, weekly challenge in “Days Gone” is in the starters. Can you survive them?

The first third of a total of 12 weekly challenges that Days Gone will have to offer is complete. A new combat challenge is available today: The ambush camp rush.

Some players might be familiar with this, but the developers at Bend Studios have come up with a new version that will offer a special honor and above all more intensity with partial goals and a ticking clock.

What is the ambush camp rush about?

You msst go on the full offensive and take out the enemy camp – as fast as possible. In order to score as high as possible, combo chains and the achievement of the following partial goals, which Sony explains in their own blog, help. At the ambush camp rush you can earn the badge “Convicted”, which gives you a better ball penetration as an advantage.

4 of 12

Every Friday there is a new challenge for “Days Gone”, so in the next weeks eight more such events are waiting for us. The more challenges you complete, the higher your ranking in the specially designed ranking system will be. It’s worth it, because you’ll be able to reap a variety of game benefits.

Our 4th free #DaysGone DLC challenge has launched! “Ambush Camp Rush” has you up against the clock and an enemy ambush camp.

Utilize your crossbow, stealth, and traps to take down the camp as fast as possible to maximize your score.

– Bend Studio #DaysGone (@BendStudio) July 19, 2019


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