Apple – Protective covers for upcoming iPhone 11 already pre-ordered now


Although the new smartphone is still months away from market launch, Ghostek already seems to know the correct Mae. The newly launched pre-order phase for “iPhone 11” protective covers can hardly be explained otherwise.

The New York-based company Ghostek specializes in protective sleeves and audio accessories for smartphones. Those who have the purchase of the upcoming iPhone 11 on their wish list by the end of the year can already pre-order a suitable case from the company.

Three colour variants available

The protective stool was named Atomic Slim3, is made of aluminium and is available in the colours red, black and pink. The manufacturer grants a 60 g return right and charges 34.98 US dollars per copy, which is the equivalent of 31 euros. Outside the USA, shipping costs of 9.99 US dollars (around 9 euros) will be added.

Facebook users can secure themselves a discount of three to five percent on part buttons. PayPal and credit cards are accepted as payment methods.

The fact that Ghostek can already offer a case for the “iPhone 11” may, according to speculation, be due to Apple suppliers who already know the dimensions of the new mobile phone and have passed them on to third parties. The supplier is also planning protective sleeves for an “iPhone 11R” and an “iPhone 11 Max”, which, however, could not be pre-ordered at the time of this announcement.

Apple’s new smartphone is expected to be released in September 2019 and, according to Gerchten, will offer a 5.8-inch screen with OLED panel technology. Three cameras are also expected to be installed. In terms of price, the new product is based on the previous generation.


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