Apple HomePod: This is the setup for “Siri for everyone” multi-user support


With the new operating system versions of Apple in autumn, there will be again some innovations on the different devices. Apple’s Smart Speaker HomePod, for example, offers multi-user support. This is called “Siri for everyone”. The Beta 4 of iOS 13 reveals how the setup will look like. As texts you will see the following elements during the setup:

“Your Siri voice profile from this iPhone will be associated with this home so Siri can recognize your voice, play your music and podcasts, and more.”
“You can turn on voice recognition later in Home settings.”
“Are you sure you don’t want HomePod to Recognize you?”
“Siri can recognize the voices of each person in this home to provide access to their own music, Reminders, Calendar, and more. Invite people to your home in the Home app after setup.”

So if users are added to a family, they can get their own information from a HomePod. This not only applies to music, but also to memories, calendars and more. The HomePod will then recognize the user by his voice and provide the corresponding information. If there are several users of a HomePod, this is quite practical.


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