Amazon – These are the best lightning offers on day 2 – Prime Day 2019


The second day of the Amazon Prime Day 2019 has started and we take a look at the still fresh lightning offers in the online shop of Amazon. We give you an answer to the question: What are the best offers of the day?

Today is Tuesday, the second and last day of Amazon’s bargain sale. Also today there are again numerous worthwhile offers and deals at Amazon Prime Day 2019, where you can really save money.

We’ve searched through the current Blitz offers for you and list the best ones below these lines.

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Echo Dot for only 19,99€ (-67%)
Apple iPhone 8 (256GB) for 599.99€ (-29%)
Up to 30% reduction: SSDs and hard disks
Up to 39%: Canon cameras and lenses
Reduced by up to 43%: Beginners Laptops
Acer Chromebook 14 fr 199€ (-50%)
Up to 40%: Samsung UHD TVs
Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD fr 29,99€ (-50%)
Reduced by up to 42%: Monitors
Up to 36% reduction: Samsung smartphones
Apple MacBook Air 13″ fr 999,00€ (-26%)
Reduced by up to 40%: The Honor Prime Day Selection
Up to 46% off: Sony Xperia smartphones
Up to 45%: Sony TV & Home Cinema
Kindle for 49,99€ (-38%)
Echo Plus + Philips HUe White Lamp for 99,99€ (-33%)

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