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It’s been a long time since I posted a list of series recommendations here on the blog – in March! Now I’ve once again browsed Amazon Prime and Netflix and picked out five series each that were produced in the 2010s. So these are rather current formats you should definitely have a look at.

Short note: Of course the tips are my subjective taste. I’m looking forward to your suggestions and additions, which you can post in the comments for me and other readers. But of course I can only list series that are also included in Amazon Prime Video’s subscription. Otherwise I would have added other candidates like “Westworld” to the list.

I also tried to avoid duplications – for example, I once posted a list of great Prime Originals and therefore didn’t add “The Tick” and Co. to this compilation again. So here is my personal list with the top 5 series of the 2010s. Maybe some of you will discover something new or have a hot tip for me which I overlooked.

“Da Vinci’s Demons” should be considered first and foremost as a fantasy series, because you don’t have it that way with historical accuracy here. So Leonado Da Vinci becomes in the series rather a mixture of inventor, Sherlock Holmes and action hero – “Spartacus” meets “Sherlock” quasi. And there’s no lack of an encounter with Dracula, for example. But because of its mixture of action, drama, humor and also a bit of sex the series proves to be a great entertainment for curious evenings.

Especially since the series is also visually very opulent. Unfortunately, there are only three seasons of “Da Vinci’s Demons (2013)”, so that the fun is over much too fast.

If “Game of Thrones” has left a gap for you, you might be able to get some relief with “Vikings”. Although this is a historical series and not a fantasy epic, the rough atmosphere and the style are quite comparable. You might try to portray the Viking age in an authentic way, but you also take some liberties to tell a thrilling story.

The core of the story is the Viking Ragnar Lodbrok, who starts the first raids in England. In the further course of the series, however, a large ensemble plays a role. “Vikings” doesn’t only live from battle scenes, even if they exist of course, but also from the branched character relationships and political intrigues. An exciting series that has found a broad audience at Amazon Prime in Germany.

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Bryan Fuller has already launched many great TV series – above all “Pushing Daisies”, which I still miss painfully. With “Hannibal” he also delivered a real smash hit, contrary to the difficult conditions. The story here tells a different story than in “The Silence of the Lambs”, because the story starts much earlier than Hannibal Lecter, as a psychologist, still does business with the investigator FBI-Will Graham. Only little by little Will realizes that something isn’t quite kosher with his helper.

What’s also impressive about the series, especially in the first season, is the visual staging. Will Graham often uses his imagination to understand the killer’s motives and paths, which leads to bombastic and grotesque sequences at the same time. The age rating of the series “Ab 18” years makes sure that you should have strong nerves as a viewer, because the series goes deep and is atmospherically very sad. For thriller and thriller fans all three seasons are definitely worth seeing.

Although The Flash is number 2 in my list, it’s mainly the grandiose first season of the series that is responsible for it. For me, this is the best season of a superhero series to date. The police forensicist Barry Allen gains the ability to move at almost unlimited speed through an accident and quickly becomes the eponym The Flash with the help of a team of scientists.

Even though the series runs on the American channel TheCW, which is better known for its tight budgets and youthful target group, “The Flash” convinces with a very good cast around Grant Gustin, who can give both the lovable nerd and the determined hero. And also the effects are really successful for the limited TV budget.

Unfortunately, “The Flash” repeats many ideas in the course of later seasons and suffers from the typical illness that suddenly every Hans and Franz in the series comes to superpowers. So I can’t blame anyone who said goodbye to the series after the first or second season. To the


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