Amazon – Prime Day 2019 – So cheaply you can buy a Samsung television today


As part of Amazon Prime Day 2019, various UHD televisions from Samsung will be offered at much lower prices. Overall, the price of the crop has been reduced by up to 40 percent.

Today, Monday, July 15, 2019, Amazon launched Prime Day 2019, which this year lasts two full days and attracts with numerous offers.

Samsung televisions on offer

Among other things, you can save money if you are currently looking for a new television. Numerous UHD TVs from Samsung will be offered up to 40 percent cheaper as part of the special offer.

But beware: these offers are only valid today!

Samsung RU7179 138 cm (55 inch) for 479.99€ (-40%)*
Samsung RU7179 147 cm (58 inch) fr 539,99€ (-40%)*
Samsung NU7099 163 cm (65 inch) for 599.99€ (-16%)*
Samsung RU8009 123 cm (49 inch) for 599,99€ (-40%)*
Samsung RU8009 138 cm (55 inch) fr 699,99€ (-42%)*
Samsung RU7179 189 cm (75 inch) for 1.279,99€ (-36%)*
Samsung RU8009 163 cm (65 inch) fr 1.099,99€ (-38%)*
Samsung RU8009 207cm (82 inch) fr 2.299,99€ (-38%)

Up to 40%: Samsung UHD television*

You can find more televisions, which will be offered at a reduced price as part of Amazon Prime Day 2019, here:

Click here to go directly to the offer!*

* Note: This post is not paid advertising. All links to Amazon are affiliate links. We receive a small commission for every purchase made – without you paying one cent more.


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