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A new week is just around the corner, but before we start into Monday it is worth looking back at the last days. As always, a lot has happened in the tech world. For example, the recently tested Xiaomi Mi Band 4 received a German firmware – works with the EU as well as the CN version.

In addition, the latest source code of the messenger Telegram was officially hoisted to GitHub. I think it’s good, because some people wanted to accuse the service of evil, because the financier comes from Russia. However, the criticism remains that one has no direct insight into the server stories.

Good for gamers: The Nintendo Switch gets a revision at SoC, which will increase the battery life. Here Caschy has described how you can recognize the new version in the trade. Vodafone has already talked about the launch of his 5G network. If you have a compatible smartphone, you already have access in selected cities in Germany. But there’s no big choice at the moment, neither for the mobile devices, nor for the places you live.

At least inside smartphones, the choice increases, because Qualcomm has introduced its new SoC Snapdragon 855 Plus. The chip is designed for gaming phones and will be used in the Asus ROG Phone II and Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro, among others.

Last weekend Caschy also had a look at the Roborock S6 for you. In his opinion it’s a good vacuum cleaner robot, but compared to its direct predecessor it’s a rather unobtrusive evolution.

As always I wish you a great Sunday! I hope that you start tomorrow super into the new week! Caschy, Sascha, Benny, Olli and I would be happy if you stayed true to the blog. Finally, here are the ten most read articles of the last week!

The 10 most read articles of the last 7 days:


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