Severe storm causes flash floods in New York


A severe storm brought flash floods and torrential rain to New York shortly after a brutal heat wave hit the city and caused chaos through power cuts.

Heavy rainfall on Monday evening caused flooding in roads and subway stations in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and New Jersey.

Footage filmed by viewers captured a woman wading through knee-deep water in Brooklyn, Williamsburg.

In other parts of Brooklyn, parked cars were almost completely flooded. Full garbage bags and traffic cones were still visible in the streets after the hellstorm.

There was also rainfall at the subway stations, which flowed through and onto the platforms.

There were significant floods on the highways in Queens, including the Long Island Expressway and Francis Lewis Boulevard.

The districts affected by the severe floods in Brooklyn included Park Slope, Borough Park and Williamsburg.

Parts of Staten Island were also severely affected by flooding and fallen trees, and heavy hail was reported in New Jersey.

A flash flood warning had previously been issued by the National Weather Service.

New York City spokesman Corey Johnson said the Department of Environment Protection would send personnel to clear the reservoirs.

Road waste is thrown onto the sewer grates to prevent water from entering. Staff will rake and clear the tops of the basins and the flooding should ease,” he tweeted.

A woman in Queens did not wait for the authorities and was spotted clearing rubble with a traffic cone to reduce flooding.

The hellish storm came after the New Yorkers had temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius over the weekend.

All five districts and northern suburbs of New York were hit by scattered blackouts on Sunday as the net struggled because of the heat.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo brought the Con Edison power company on board because he had failed to prevent massive blackouts that left more than 50,000 people without power.

Brooklyn was hit hardest by the outages.

As a result of the outages, elderly people in care homes with blackouts were transferred to air-conditioned buses to stay cool.

The shafts in Brooklyn even began to burn as a result of the outages.

New York City reached a new record high for weekend electricity consumption on Sunday as residents blew up their air conditioners to stay cool in the burning heat wave that baked the state in 90 degrees weather for a week.

Con Edison issued a statement to customers via email, text and Twitter to save energy by reducing the consumption of unneeded electronics such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and unneeded lighting.

The Big Apple experienced a similar power outage last weekend when about 73,000 customers in Manhattan lost power for several hours.


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