Paedophiles who had sex with little boys even though they knew she had HIV.


A pedophile who, despite knowing that he had HIV, sexually assaulted young boys and girls, is released from prison in a few weeks.

Rory Francis, 35, is released in early September after serving nine years and four months for the rape and sexual violence of boys and girls in New Zealand in 2010.

Francis was born a man, but now identifies himself as a woman and is named Laken McKay.

She was diagnosed with HIV in 2005 and served in the same year for the indecent assault of young boys.

Francis wrote to the NZ Herald in April 2018 saying she did not want to be released back into society.

She asked to be kept “behind a fence” for the rest of her life.

So I wrote a letter to the head of the penitentiary… I said that I wanted to live on the premises in Christchurch… which means that I will live there for the rest of my life – the community knows that they are safe from me and I am safe from them,” she wrote.

I also said that if I was released from prison, I would work as a prostitute again and give as many people as possible HIV and Hep C, which makes me an immediate threat to the community in my eyes.

In August last year, Francis was released on parole for a short time and began to live under her new name, but was recalled to prison in October.

She was sent back to prison for breaking her parole by working as a prostitute and taking methamphetamine as payment.

Two separate hearings of the probation committee in March and July of this year refused her early release from prison as she is still considered a risk to the community.

But as soon as Francis’ official sentence ends in early September, she is released.

Francis has to undergo a drug treatment programme before she can leave prison, and after she is released, she is electronically monitored.

These will be placed under a number of strict special conditions in the first six months of their release.

The regulations prohibit entry or residence in the vicinity of schools, parks and swimming pools and prevent contact with any of their victims or persons under the age of 16.

She is also banned from using drugs and alcohol and needs a permit before accepting or changing jobs.

The victims’ families feared that their new identity could prevent the community from knowing their history of sexual assault.

It is important to me that people know who he is. It’s like he’s trying to hide his identity, who he is and what he did,” said an aunt with a child who knows the perpetrator as Rory Francis.

Francis said, however, that she felt she had been reformed and no longer posed a risk to society.


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