Newbuildings to receive charging points for electric cars in future


Charging at home: The British government is planning a law requiring new buildings to be equipped with a charging point for electric cars. The aim is to make charging electric cars easier and more convenient, thus encouraging more drivers to opt for an electric car. Britain would be the first country to enact such a law.

There is a growing interest in low emission vehicles and cleaner and greener transport, said Transport Secretary Chris Grayling. “Charging at home is the most convenient and cost-effective option for the consumer – you can simply plug in your car to charge it overnight, just like with a mobile phone”.

The connections will be equipped with smart technology to keep the network stable, but also to reduce the cost of charging. According to the Department of Transportation, the cost of such a connection will be just under £1,000. The only exception to the regulation would be new apartments without parking spaces. But that’s not many.

The bill was presented on Monday. Until 7 October 2019, citizens can submit comments or suggestions.

The law is part of the British government’s strategy to reduce net carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2050, i.e. to become climate-neutral. Last year, transport accounted for about a third of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions.

As of 2040, no more vehicles with combustion engines will be sold in Great Britain. However, the Committee on Climate Change believes that electric cars will be available at similar prices to internal combustion engines by the middle of the next decade. The committee believes that an end to combustion vehicles in 2030 or 2035 at the latest is possible.


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