Megvii recognizes the dog by its nose


Megvii recognizes dogs by the nose: The Chinese software company, which manufactures facial recognition systems, has developed a biometric system for the recognition of dogs. It recognizes them by the nose.

A dog’s nose is a biometric feature that allows a dog to be identified – comparable to a human fingerprint. Many dog owners also use this feature to record an imprint of their dog’s nose on a sheet of paper.

Megvii does not require a physical imprint: The dog owner photographs the nose with his smartphone. The Megvii software, which works with artificial intelligence and machine learning, captures the important features. From this, it creates a profile for the four-legged friend, which is stored in a database. The accuracy of the recognition is given by the company as 95 percent.

However, the system is not only there to find lost dogs, reports the online news service Abacus, an offshoot of the Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post, which specializes in technical developments from China. It also aims to help identify dog owners who behave uncivilized. These include the authorities not to let dogs run unchecked and unleashed or to dispose of dog piles.

Megvii has developed the Face++ facial recognition system. It was criticized some time ago because it had difficulty recognizing women and people with darker skin colors. The system is used by hardware manufacturers such as Lenovo and Dell. But the Chinese government also uses the system.


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