Lufthansa and British Airways suspend flights to Cairo


The two airlines have decided to remove the Egyptian capital from the flight schedule for the time being. The reason is vague.

The airlines Lufthansa and British Airways are temporarily suspending all flights to Cairo. A Lufthansa spokesman told “Since safety is always the top priority for Lufthansa, the airline today temporarily suspended its flights to Cairo as a precautionary measure, while an evaluation of the situation is taking place. A company spokesman told Reuters: “We cancelled flights to Cairo in Munich and Frankfurt on Saturday. On Sunday, however, things will continue as normal.”

As a precaution, British Airways stopped all flights to Cairo for seven days. The airline merely stated that the safety of passengers and crew members had top priority. It is a precautionary measure in the context of security checks, as they are routinely carried out in all airports visited, said a spokeswoman.

Egyptian airport security circles said that British representatives inspected Cairo Airport on Wednesday and Thursday. Again, no details were released. There was no official statement from air traffic control for the time being.

The British Foreign Office supplemented its travel advice to Egypt on Saturday with the latest developments and asked affected passengers to contact British Airways. The Ministry has for some time advised against non-urgent travel to the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, where a Russian plane crashed in 2015 shortly after take-off by a bomb from the Islamic state. All 224 passengers died. There is no similar indication for the capital Cairo from the Foreign Ministry. (mes, dpa, Reuters)


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