Husband horrified after meeting his wife on Tinder.


A man who turned to Tinder when his wife went on business trips was horrified when he also came across her profile in the app.

The anonymous man went to Reddit to voice his concerns after making the discovery and asked for advice on confrontation with his wife.

He and his wife have no open relationship, and he said they had been “quite happily married” for over 14 months.

Nevertheless, he also decided to try his hand at the dating app.

But the man said he was “downloading Tinder” on a particularly lonely night about a month ago when she went on a week-long business trip.

I don’t even know why. I had no intentions, but I did.

I stroked here and there and got pretty bored with it,” he said.

He and his wife met Tinder three years ago.

They quickly fell in love, he said. They moved in together and were quickly married.

It was a funny memory of that time in my life…but then I erased it and went on,” he said.

But on Monday his wife went on another business trip.

Last night I downloaded Tinder again and started swinging. Again I had a laugh, but finally it bored me…. then I saw her picture appear.

The man said his immediate reaction was that a bot must have stolen her picture, but when he then read her profile, he realized it was definitely his wife.

One of the pictures presented was even one taken by the couple together, but she had cut out her husband on the app.

I wondered if I should just delete the app and pretend like nothing happened…. but then I decided to make a brave move and paint properly.

They fitted immediately, which means that his wife had already accessed him directly and knew that he was in the app.

The man said he hopes to confront his wife when she returns from her business trip tomorrow, but other editors were quick to point out that she may never have been on a business trip.

She told him that her business trip was more than 160 kilometers away and between states, but others said she needed to be closer if they could keep up with Tinder – which finds suitable pairings based on geolocalization.

“If you matched her at Tinder, maybe she’s not going out of town on business after all? One user said.

Other users suggested the woman was informed by a friend that he was on Tinder during her first business trip and downloaded the app to catch him red-handed.

I think someone told her he was there and she tried to catch him to see if he tried to cheat every time she was out of town,” they wrote.

Honestly, what probably happened is that someone she knows or one of her friends saw you tindering the first time you go on, so she decided to investigate for herself.

The fact that you agree with her immediately after searching her photo means that she saw your photo first and searched it on her. So I don’t think she would go on tinder to cheat if she searched your photo,” another user added.

“You seem to be perfect for each other.

The married man said he had to “explain why I was on Tinder” when she came home.


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