High-End-USB-C-Hub mit Netzteil und USB 3.2 Gen2


With the MRW-S3, the electronics group Sony has introduced a new USB hub that offers a higher level of equipment. The small device offers not only USB-C ports, but also Power Delivery, HDMI and a card reader. For older USB devices, there is also a Type A connector.

High data rates are possible via USB. USB 3.2 Gen2 is supported. According to Sony, this is enough to transfer data from one data carrier to another within the hub at around 1 GByte per second. In addition, the hub offers a quite fast card reader for SD cards. The MRW-S3 supports the UHS-II mode. In theory this would be data rates of up to 300 MByte per second. According to Sony, the practical values are 277 MByte/s for reading and 150 MByte/s for writing, assuming a correspondingly fast SD card. Interestingly, there is no need for an adapter for micro SD cards. The card reader part of the hub has both a small and a large slot for memory cards.

As a further special feature, the hub supports USB Power Delivery with 100 watts. There is a separate input for this. In the absence of a detailed data sheet, the distribution is not quite clear. At 100 watts, however, it can be assumed that various voltage and current combinations of the power delivery standard can be passed on to the other ports. The LEDs should give an indication of how much power is passed on.

Sony MRW-S3 (Picture: Sony)

For displays, the HDMI output offers a maximum of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels at a frame rate of 30 fps.

So far, the MRW-S3 has only been announced globally. Accordingly, a price and availability information from Sony is still missing at the moment. The MRW-S3 will be available in autumn 2019.


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