Apex Legends throws spammer and cheater together


It almost seems like a coordinated action, but it’s a coincidence: Almost at the same time Overwatch, Apex Legends and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (Pubg) talked about their fight against cheaters. The makers of Pubg even put an elaborately produced video on the net, which shows the employees of the responsible department. The aim is to show the honest customers, who are annoyed by cheaters, with what effort the fight against cheaters is carried out.

The developer studio Respawn Entertainment, which is responsible for Apex Legends, presents in a contribution on Reddit the current measures with which the cheating is to be uncovered. Of course, the action game uses neural network-based algorithms to detect the typical behavior of scammers, as most of these titles do.

The team also observes the scene and analyzes new cheat software and how it can be automatically detected and blocked by Apex Legends. The developers are also investigating whether a player, who at first glance seems to be honest, repeatedly competes with cheaters in a conspicuous manner, which is likely to be an attempt to gain unfair advantages. Those who are found guilty are either blocked in Apex Legends or mediated by matchmaking into games in which only other cheaters and spammers compete.

Blizzard has also reported in a video (Developer Update) about new analysis methods, with which cheaters can now be noticed faster in Overwatch. The developer studio is now shutting down multiplayer cheat games as quickly as possible. According to Game Director Jeff Kaplan, honest participants who just happened to end up in the match will explicitly not receive any point deductions or the like, while the actual cheaters would be “severely punished”.


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