CNET recently reported that Microsoft is continuing to expand its battle with Google through the introduction of a new product, Microsoft News.

How Americans get their news has slowly changed over the years, with Pew Research estimating in 2016 that 38% of Americans got their news online.

Fortune reported last year that 18% of online users got their news from Google, with only Facebook performing better.

Of course, Google and Facebook function differently. Users have to actively go to their Google News section while Facebook users often see news cross-posted from friends.

Still, just how many people get their news from Google is yet another indicator of how many people are using Google, as well as how they’re using it.

Google continues to remain in a strong position, with Microsoft looking in on their success.

Microsoft has tried for years to break Google’s dominance, and has made many attempts at strengthening its presence in the online search market.

Yet for all that effort, comScore estimated that Microsoft held just 21% of the market share for search engine searches in 2016.

Thought it may be a respectable number on its own, it still fell far short of the commanding 63.8% of market share for Google.

Now, Microsoft is trying to increase its online position through its new news service.

Microsoft News is intended to curate articles from around the internet and place them into the Microsoft feed.

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft will attempt to increase its news presence. As the company discussed on its blog, Microsoft had previously delivered news on

However, this new engine is designed to aggregate news from a list of quality sources and allow users to personalize their news experience.

The news engine will allow users to set news priorities and topics to personalize what news they receive.

This engine will power a newly revitalized news section of and also be the driving force behind the recently redesigned Microsoft News app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

Whether this attempt to revitalize its news department helps increase the number of people getting news through Microsoft remains to be seen.