The US President who has once mocked his predecessor as he confronted Russia’s 2014 aggression in Ukraine, is now preparing for a possible face-to-face meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin.

This news understands that Trump’s statement had mentioned Putin ‘having a great time toying with the President.”

However, more than four years after he made the pronouncement about the then-President Barack Obama to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Trump faces a similar dilemma which forces him to advocate a face-to-face meeting with Putin, just days after Moscow dramatically escalated tensions with Ukraine and could push them further still.

Nevertheless, CNN News also reported that the United States President waited more than 24 hours after Russian ships fired on and then seized three Ukrainian vessels.

When asked about the said topic, the president responded to reporters’ questions by saying that he was “not happy about it at all.” Trump later indicated that he might see fault on both sides, saying that “we do not like what is happening either way.”