Colin Stretch, the Vice President and general counsel at Facebook, is on his way out of the company, after serving it in that capacity for just about 5 years.

His departure takes effect in a few months, but definitely would not slip past this year.

The announcement of Stretch’s impending departure is being closely watched by investors since it comes on the heels of the previously announced departure of Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos who would no longer be with the company from August.

Furthermore, Stretch’s departure is also seen as a legal blow to Facebook, as social media giant continues its struggle to recovers from several privacy scandals and growing reports of abuse of the platform by several third parties.

While no clear reasons were provided for his departure, Facebook’s continued legal woes might very well be a factor, with the most recent episode triggering a congressional inquiry on possible Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election, and which saw Stretch facing an intense grilling.

However, the only comment that stretch made regarding his departure was posted on his Facebook page, and which read “Sharing that I will be leaving Facebook at the end of the year. When my wife Alyse and I made the decision a few years ago to move back to DC from California, we knew it would be difficult for me to remain in this role indefinitely. As Facebook embraces the broader responsibility Mark has discussed in recent months, I’ve concluded that the company and the Legal team need sustained leadership in Menlo Park.

This has not been an easy decision…..”